A collection of memories from Flinders Alumni

Dr Malcolm James Thompson

“When one is privileged to be at the start of a new University and you organise four Open Days to promote it.”

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Wendy Drake

“The experience was unbelievably liberating and provided a powerful platform to move forward.”
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Susan Heyes

So, that is three generations of my family, we have degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Science, Criminology and Cultural Tourism”
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M. Adib ABdushomad

I just cannot forget Adelaide and in particular Flinders University…Read more    »

Evelyn Robinson

“I am very grateful to Flinders University for giving me the opportunity to embark on the career that I felt was the right one for me.”Read more    »

Buddhike Nawaratne

“From being born in an extreme rural country side, where I had to walk many miles to reach the nearest school, to working as a journalist, reporting the emotional stories of war victims and suicide bombers, to studying at Flinders…”Read more    »