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Creatives Exhibition

From the moment Wal Cherry brought his unique brand of inspiration to Flinders as our foundation Professor of Drama, Flinders University has fostered vibrant artistic excellence through our creative arts program.

For 50 years Flinders has nurtured the aspirations of those who would pursue creative roles in theatre, film, writing, music and more.Read more    »


Plaza and Student Hub

Born out of the rapid population and geographic expansion of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Flinders University has always reflected emerging social, cultural and economic trends. The Bedford Park campus and its fundamental principles were radical in the context of Adelaide society. Its urban design and architecture and the interaction with the Australian landscape presented a fresh face to the world and created a distinct identity for Flinders University.Read more    »



Jembatan is a Flinders University 50th Anniversary initiative that promotes engagement between the Australian community and modern Indonesian society through increased understanding of Indonesian culture and language.

Jembatan, or ‘bridge’ in Indonesian, represents the inter-cultural bridge we aim to build between Australia and Indonesia to strengthen people-to-people links and nurture relationships of mutual understanding.Read more    »


Matthew Flinders Statue

Flinders University continues to evoke the pioneering spirit of its namesake, Captain Matthew Flinders RN. For almost 50 years, Flinders University has inspired our students to achieve their highest potential, encouraged intellectual and cultural curiosity, and fostered a global perspective. Today, our graduates identify with – and can be distinguished by – these distinctive academic, professional and cultural characteristics.Read more    »

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Visual Identity

The 50th Anniversary is a significant milestone in the life of Flinders University, offering us a unique opportunity to celebrate and share our stories of inspiring achievements with the world.Read more    »


Encounter 2016

Encounter is the annual magazine for Flinders University Alumni and Friends.

This year’s magazine showcases the Flinders of 2016 – from Bedford Park to our rural and regional sites in Renmark and the Northern Territory, our staff and alumni are doing amazing things; making a difference to the communities in which we are located.Read more    »



1967 Independence Day at Flinders

Independence Day

Independence Day

In the late 1950’s political support for a second university in South Australia (SA), and rising student numbers at Adelaide University were the catalyst for the University council to consider establishing an additional university institution on another site within SA.

In 1960, the SA Premier, Sir Thomas Playford, announced that 370 acres of government owned land would be made available to the University of Adelaide for an extension, and the university accepted the offer.Read more    »