If the process of transformation gave off sound, would it not roar, howl, clamour and shriek? It seems logical to associate groundbreaking ideas, life-changing discoveries, divergent thinking and explosive concepts with a cacophonous tumult.

In truth, however, it is quiet and steady.

At Flinders, transformation is borne of the daily hum and buzz in laboratories, lecture halls, classrooms and offices, in front of whiteboards and computer screens, and over coffee, from the enthusiasm and obsession of thought leaders, researchers and change agents who quietly go about reshaping local, national and global communities with their ideas, passion and energy.

Overnight sensations are years in the making, and Flinders University is fortunate to have nurtured and employed some of Australia’s greatest.

Through The Investigator Transformed exhibition and book, a celebration of 50 years of Flinders University, the work of a selection of Flinders alumni and staff is celebrated through story.

We commemorate the work of some of Flinders’ most notable mavericks, developers, masters, adventurers and creators such as Professor Terry Tao, Dr Brendan Nelson, Emeritus Professor Vincent Megaw, Sir Eric Neal, Mem Fox and Scott Hicks.

However, we have hardly scratched the surface.

They are the constantly curious. Read their stories and be inspired to make a difference.

The Investigator Transformed stories