Supporting Early Career Researchers to tackle global challenges

Flinders research is changing the world for the better and we recognise the contribution which our Early Career Researchers (ECRs) make to the University’s research profile and productivity.

The current priority for our General Research Fund is to retain, attract and support those early in their career demonstrating outstanding research calibre and potential, and whose ground-breaking work has the potential to make a difference.

The aim is to provide an opportunity for ECRs to facilitate their own research, mature their leadership capabilities and build their reputation both as a supervisor and a researcher.

Your support of this fund will boost ECR projects, foster the aspirations of ECRs, provide a spring board for career development, and advance the University’s future leading researchers.

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Saving Nemo at the heart of Flinders conservation program

Over 1 million individuals from the clownfish family (Pomacentridae) are taken from the reef every year for the aquarium trade. In some areas they are now going extinct from over-collection and coral bleaching. The good news is that clownfish breed easily in nurseries unlike Regal Blue Tangs (Dory) where 100% are still being taken from the wild.

Our solution is to supply aquarium stores with nursery bred fish, to educate consumers and to lead scientific research focussed on conservation.

The Saving Nemo Research Fund aims to support sustainable fisheries, conservation and aquaculture innovation research to protect tropical marine aquarium species.

Flinders’ School of Biological Sciences’ conservation expert, Associate Professor Karen Burke da Silva, is leading a team of researchers conducting innovative techniques to improve breeding success and survival of clownfish bred in captivity to supply the Australian market.  With your help we can protect marine aquarium species for future generations.

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Autism Vision Clinic

Understanding the complexities of vision and its disorders

Your support for the Optometry, Education Eye Care and Research Fund will ensure we can build on our vital research, create impactful community education programs and clinics and, via scholarships and fellowships, support the Optometrists of tomorrow to provide services to regional and rural communities – where they are needed the most.

In an Australian-first for Optometry, Flinders Vision has opened a new clinic, specifically designed for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of Flinders, their support recently resulted in the purchase of much needed equipment for the Flinders Vision Autism Clinic. Other initiatives on the horizon that need your support include the Mobile Optometry Service, which will deliver eye-care to those who find it difficult to get to their local Optometrist.

“More than 50 per cent of our recent graduates elected employment in regional practices. Consequently, our graduates are actively improving vision and eye care services in areas who have traditionally not had access to services we take for granted in metropolitan areas of Australia” 

Professor Pesudovs Chair of Optometry & Vision Science

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