Flinders’ first half-century is a natural occasion on which to celebrate a truly remarkable record of achievement across an impressive range of endeavour. Through the diverse efforts of an eclectic cohort of teachers, researchers and graduates, Flinders has exerted a profound and distinctive influence on society and in its various communities.

The program of events offers numerous opportunities for the extended Flinders family to join together in marking this milestone, as well as allowing us to showcase our strengths and our capabilities. And while there will be plenty of pride and perhaps a little nostalgia involved in the gatherings and reunions of 2016, this is also a wonderful time to focus on our exciting aspirations for the future.

Just as our namesake Matthew Flinders famously remarked he was not content to rest unnoticed in the middle order, Flinders as an institution has never been content with the status quo; we have always looked for ways to make the world a better place by making a positive difference. We look forward to your involvement and support as we embark on our next 50 years in pursuit of this ideal.